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Welcome to narumanga! A blog dedicated to the Naruto series containing high quality mangacaps. All images and characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

* This blog may contain spoilers. You have been warned!

** Requests are temporarily closed unless if I'm done capping that specific chapter (I'm doing it in order). Notify me immediately in the request link!


17 Apr 2014 34 notes

tagged: uchiha sasuke. naruto. c414. manga.

16 Apr 2014 38 notes

tagged: uchiha sasuke. naruto. c409. manga.

15 Apr 2014 55 notes

tagged: karin. uchiha sasuke. hozuki suigetsu. jugo. team taka. naruto. c408. manga.

14 Apr 2014 196 notes

tagged: uchiha sasuke. naruto. c408. manga. art.

13 Apr 2014 48 notes

tagged: shiho. naruto. c407. manga. art.

12 Apr 2014 71 notes

tagged: nara shikamaru. naruto. c406. manga. art.

11 Apr 2014 43 notes

tagged: uzumaki naruto. naruto. c405. manga.

10 Apr 2014 23 notes

tagged: uchiha sasuke. uzumaki naruto. naruto. c352. manga.

09 Apr 2014 40 notes

tagged: jugo. karin. hozuki suigetsu. uchiha sasuke. team taka. naruto. c352. manga. art.

08 Apr 2014 26 notes

tagged: jugo. naruto. c352. manga. art.

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